Core Programme Clusters

Family & Community Health (FCH)


The Family and Community Health is a core program under WHO-India collaboration. It focuses on the health, development and wellbeing of individuals and their families; and through them the community at large. The program has been envisaged to address key issues affecting life at various stages.

FCH works to improve health and development by supporting countries and partners to identify, develop, implement and evaluate approaches and interventions that foster healthy development across the life course.

FCH endeavors for the following :

*     Making Pregnancy Safe (MPS)

*     Child Health and Development (CHD)

*     Adolescent Health and Development (AHD)

*     Nutrition for Health and Development (NHD)

*     Reproductive Health and Research (RHR)

*     Nursing and Midwifery

*     Gender and Women’s Health

*     AYUSH

*     Strengthening Public Health

*     News and Workshop








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