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What’s New


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*     Paediatric ART adherence toolkit 2007

   ART Calendar

   Snakes & ladders Interactive games

   Wong-Baker Face Scale & Visual Analog Scale

   Story of Bam Bam Virus


*     Epidemiological Study of Air Pollution Related Children’s Health in Rural, Suburban and Urban Areas of West Bengal

*     Disease Burden due to Inadequate Water & Sanitation Facilities in India


Tobacco Free Initiative

*     Report on “Bidi Smoking and Public Health”


Last month



*     Rabies : General Aspects & Laboratory Diagnostic Techniques

*     Health care workers manual for avian influenza

*     Technical Report: India HIV 2006 Estimates

*     World Tobacco Day 2008

*     Health care workers manual For avian influenza



*      Inter-State Equalisation of Health Expenditures in Indian Union

*      Barriers to Movement of Healthcare Professionals – A case Study from India

*      Tracking the flow of Funds in HIV/AIDS sector in India



*     NCCP Task Force Report for XIth Plan



*      All About fellowships





World Health Day 2008 – Curtain Raiser

Events & Workshop

14th Feb. – 15th Feb. 2008:

*      National Conference on “Nutrition and HIV/AIDS: From Knowledge to Action”, Nagpur, 14th -15th Feb., 2008

30th Jan. – 4th Feb. 2008:

*     The Seventeenth International Leprosy Congress, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 30th January to 4th February 2008

4th Jan.  2008:

*      A new initiative for a healthy nation, pilot phase of the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPDCS),  4th Jan. 2008.



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