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Health Action in Crisis


HAC (Health Action in Crisis) division of WHO India office works closely with Government of India in the prevention, preparation and mitigation of the health consequences of natural and man made disasters and linking relief to development.

It coordinates with international partners, and local institutions to help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, disasters and crises


§         Advocacy and promotion of health emergency preparedness and response in the context of a multisectorial, multidisciplinary approach

§         Provision of technical support to the government in emergency preparedness and response programme development

§         Strengthening and sustaining the human and institutional capacity of government and NGOs for timely, effective and co-ordinated interventions in preparedness, response and recovery linked to sustainable development

§         Supporting inter-country technical co-operation in order to stimulate countries to work together efficiently and effectively to alleviate the health impact of natural and man made disasters

§         Co-ordinating the implementation of all emergency preparedness and response related activities within the country, and in close collaboration with WHO /EHA /HQ with other UN agencies, bilateral co-operation, international organizations and NGOs involved in the area of emergency and humanitarian action

Developing evidence based guidance for all phases of emergency work in the health sector




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