Core Programme Clusters 

Sustainable Development & Healthy Environment


Unsafe environment conditions and food insecurity are the two major causes of community health problems in the country. WHO, in collaboration with government agencies, is putting health on top of the national sustainable development agenda with focus on poverty reduction. Multidisciplinary interactions at both institutional and programme fronts are being adapted to enhance national capacity for action. Through health and environment initiative, WHO is assisting the member country in identifying and assessing health hazards and issues in priority such as:

*      Water Quality Issues: Improvement of drinking water supply programme and strengthening water quality surveillance programme & demonstration of 'Water Safety Plan'.

*      Food Safety Measures: Improve the nutritional status of population & enhance food safety 

*     Chemical Safety and Occupational Health: Protect human health from environmental and occupational health issues.

*     Climate Change and its impact on health.


*      WHO SEARO Link




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