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World No Tobacco Day 2009

Theme : “Tobacco Health Warnings”


On the World No Tobacco Day on 31st May 2009, India introduced pictorial health warnings on all tobacco product packs. Health warnings with pictures are proven to motivate tobacco users to quit and for those who are not yet addicted to reduce the appeal of tobacco. 

Article 11 of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control mandates all countries that have ratified this international treaty to have large, clear and visible health warnings or other messages that include pictures conveying the harmful effects of tobacco use. Displaying health warnings on tobacco packs is one of the six important strategies of WHO MPOWER policy package for tobacco control.


Most people are unaware of the extent of harm caused by tobacco. The tobacco companies use packaging and advertising techniques to make tobacco appealing while distracting consumers from the harsh reality of how tobacco destroys health.


The pictorial warnings on tobacco use convey a clear and immediate message even to people who cannot read.


A number of events were organized on the World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2009.


Theme : “Tobacco Health Warnings”





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