Core Programme Clusters

Non Communicable Diseases & Mental Health (NMH)


India is passing through an epidemiological and demographic transition leading to the emergence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a major public health problem. The NMH cluster in WHO country office, New Delhi, deals with chronic non-communicable diseases, injuries and violence, mental health including substance abuse, health promotion, blindness and deafness, oral health, and health care for the elderly. The work of the cluster focuses on surveillance for NCDs and their risk factors,  health promotion to reduce risk factor prevalence, and integrated prevention and control of NCDs.  The cluster also works in close liaison with national and international partners and with concerned technical units in WHO SEARO and HQ. We support the work of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and provide technical assistance for the implementation of national programmes through development of guidelines, training manuals, and demonstration projects.




Burden of NCDs

Burden of DiseasesNCD Risk SuveillanceHealth PromotionTobacco Free Initiative


NCD Prevention

Cardiovascular Disease

Health Promotion


Tobacco Free Initiative

Major NCD-CancerMajor NCD-Cardiovascular DiseasesMajor NCD-DiabetesMajor NCD-Chronic Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung Diseases



Injury & DisabilityMental HealthPsychosocial Support in DisasterAlcohol & Substance Abuse

Injury, Disability & Rehabilitation

Prevention of Blindness

Mental Health

Prevention of BlindnessPrevention of DeafnessOral HealthHealth Care for Elderly

Prevention of Deafness

Psychosocial Support in Disasters

Oral Health

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Health Care for Elderly








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