Core Programme Clusters

Health Systems Development (HSD)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a technical agency which collaborates with Member States in their health development efforts by providing technical support.  To carry out its activities, WHO focuses on the following six core functions: articulating consistent, ethical and evidence-based policy and advocacy positions; managing information by assessing trends and comparing performance; setting the agenda for, and stimulating research and development; catalysing change through technical and policy support, in ways that stimulate cooperation and  action and help to build sustainable national and inter-country capacity; negotiating and sustaining national and global partnerships; setting, validating, monitoring and pursuing implementation of norms and  standards; and stimulating the development and testing of new technologies, tools and guidelines for disease control, risk reduction, health care management, and service delivery.

The work of the HSD Cluster at the WHO Country Office encompasses areas of health systems strengthening, health policy, health care financing and social protection, human resources for health, health information, health research & ethics, trade agreements & health  and essential drugs and medicine. It focuses on placing health as an integral part of sustainable socio-economic development; developing health systems to ensure equity in health and seeks to ensure access by every individual to essential health care services by addressing financial, organizational, quality and information based barriers. WHO, in collaboration with various partners facilitates the creation of information and database for evidence-based decisions, including documentation, sharing of lessons and best practices among states, nationally, and at the global level.




*   Health Systems Strengthening

*   Health Financing & Social Protection

*   Health Information

*   Human Resources for Health

*   Research & Ethics

*   Trade Agreement & Health

*   Governance & Policies for Health

*   Essential Drugs and Other Medicines (Traditional Medicine)

*   Key Partners & Collaborators





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